Or about Vikings, merchants, falcons and weight measures


Who can associate one of the fastest birds soaring in the sky and practically not feeling the weight with the same weight? It seems like an issue with no solution.

But we found it. And it became a small town in the north-east of Lithuania. Salakas - a town that managed to survive in difficult times, when a war machine sweeping everything swept through it more than once. And not only to survive, but also to grow, to develop a business and even to have a measure of its own weight - a cinderella birkava, which surpasses the then used Russian birkava by two pillars. We liked the fact that the town, which stands out for nothing, only managed to stay in history with the diligence and stubbornness of its people.


A town that has always brought together representatives of different nations, judging them by their works rather than their origins. Probably this story is very close to ourselves. That is why we chose this name for one of our projects.

This is how BIRKAVAS was born, uniting and supplementing the name of the ancient merchant Viking city BIRKA, the town of Salakas and the merchants who lived there, who managed to have the courage to introduce their unit of weight and us - young and ambitious, creating new products embodying old values.

Do whatever you consider important and right. Times will pass, fashion will change - values ​​will remain, the customer will return.

Maybe not everything we do is trendy. Someone may even feel wrong or simply dislike it, but we have decided - no matter what we do - it will be two puffs more than the others.

And let's start first with ourselves - two more demands on ourselves ...


Welcome to the first ray of the rising sun ...

See how your own planted tree blooms ...

Hear your child's first concert ...


There are things that are impossible to measure, they can only be survived. Philosophy? Maybe even though we call it life. In a simple, word written in lowercase, not uppercase. Why from the small? Everything is very simple, we do not declare - we live. That's how we all are. Engineers by vocation, physicists by nature and lyricists by a beat ...


Agree, a mixture of fires ... Maybe that's why we called ourselves Falcons of Fire - who appreciate the freedom of flight and are able to control the fire. Arguing to the point of evil over a small structural detail and boldly breaking accepted standards. When we are told - impossible, we ask - why? When you ask us - to whom, we answer - it's nicer. And, not surprisingly, despite all the recommendations of marketing professionals - we say no to our customers. Because we do not have customers, we have partners - those we trust and those who trust us. After all, you must stop a friend when he does what he will regret afterwards. In business differently? For us - no.


Altruists, ... fantasists…, maybe. But we are really convinced that life is too short to exist in it. We are burning. And it's up to you how long we burn ...


We burn for you to prosper!


Projektui „Birkavas 300“ buvo naudojamos Lietuvos kaimo plėtros 2014–2020 metų programos priemonės „Ūkio ir verslo plėtra“ veiklos srityje „Parama ekonominės veiklos pradžiai kaimo vietovėse“ lėšos.

Birkavas komanda išreiškia savo padėką Europos žemės ūkio fondo kaimo plėtrai ir dėkoja už suteiktas galimybes ir palaikymą verslo pradžioje.

Naudojantis šiomis lėšomis pavyko sukurti dvi naujas darbo vietas.