„Ugnies sakalai“- young, small, however extremely ambitious company, focusing on engineering solutions to solve your problems. We do not have thousands of employees working in the office (and to be honest we do not want to have them stuck in their desks) cracking finances and other paperwork to calculate production units, their prices and profit just to cover the credits. You will not find that here. This is not what we are.

We live and breath with passion. We have not forgotten what it means to speak with a person, what it means to listen. We can and will not hesitate to come to you and see the picture the way you see it. We do not have inner political tension or business language slangs. We just work. With everyone. With people. Simple as that. Our team- engineers from four different countries, looking for best solutions to fit the needs you have. And when it comes to projects, we chose the best factories and suppliers to ensure the quality you deserve.

Flexible when it matters. Stable where you need it. And most important- honest all the time.

We do not rush to sell. We analyze and work with you, because every experience matters when it comes to your project.

Burning with the passion we take all the challenge that comes our way.

We do what other hesitate to touch. Why? Because the we believe we can change the world. For the better.

If you have a challenging project on your hands, do not hesitate to contact us, and you will not be disappointed.


We burn with the passion to make your business better!



Industrial vehicle scales – one of the main project of ours. Born from the passion for innovation and an eye for quality, BIRKAVAS scale series brings high end technological solutions, long lasting design and elegance today. Quality choice for those seeking  highest precision and reliability for years to last.



Automatic Industrial Ramps – another series, manufactured by „Ugnies sakalai“. Innovative engineering solutions, top of the line materials and anticorrosive coating, giving you the best equipment in the current market, without compromising quality, price, service or deployment time.



30 years of experience and international team of engineers. What more could you ask for when it comes in creating, testing, and designing top of the line engineering projects? Bringing you best solutions today is in our days work. Starting with selection and design of equipment with top quality materials, transport units, shredder design and production, toping it with full design and completion of bio power plants, waste recycling or full scale pyrolysis projects. These, and much more are the areas you can count on us.